Paediatric First Aid

InPaediatric First Aid training English nurseries, we need to make sure that all our newly-qualified staff have a Paediatric First Aid qualification and that at least one person holding that qualification is on the premises at all time.


At Little Houghton Day Nursery, we go a stage further; we retrain all our permanent staff every three years, to ensure that our first aid knowledge is up to date. Although we are by no means medical professionals, we have been taught the correct procedure for the most common childhood emergencies.

Thankfully, true emergencies at nursery are rare – but they do happen. Babies and children can choke on their food in any situation and whilst the vast majority of blockages are cleared with a good cough, we are trained in what to do if the child is unable to cough.

We also know how to spot allergic reactions and how to handle them; how to perform CPR on a baby or cFirst aid training at Little Houghton Day Nurseryhild; how to ensure they don’t choke on vomit; and what to do with a suspected broken bone.

Unlike virtually all other training, we hope we never have to use this knowledge.

But if we are called upon to do more than clean up a scraped knee, at least we are fully prepared.

Paediatric First Aid