Teaching sounds and letters at nursery

By the time children enter our preschool room at Little Houghton Day Nursery, many of them will already recognise their initial letter in their name. Some may already be able to identify other letters and sounds of the alphabet and with a little support, they can begin to recognise some words. At nursery, we model the blending of sounds to make words in everyday contexts, such as pointing out a “dog… d-o-g!”



Children really enjoy hearing rhymes and songs and this can also make it easier to make the connection between a written letter and its sound. At Little Houghton, we use the Jolly Phonics program which is widely used in schools in Northamptonshire. The system uses actions and songs to introduce the link between letters and sounds in a fun way for children and we’ve found that our little ones really enjoy playing along. Even if some of the children are not yet ready to make the connection, everyone loves joining in.

The songs we sing at Little Houghton:


It would be great if parents could also join in at home to reinforce the learning at nursery. We suggest you begin with words including the Level One letters (see below) as these have been proven to be understood the quickest in very young children.

Let us know how you get on!

Preschool at Little Houghton Day Nursery







Teaching sounds and letters at nursery