Qualifications matter

It is an OFSTED requirement that half of our nursery staff have studied for a level 3 qualification in childcare. However, we know that having a graduate workforce can have a strong impact on children’s development and this is why we employ a number of highly qualified practitioners at Little Houghton Day Nursery.

Experience counts for a lot: people who have worked with children for a long time or are parents themselves are very valuable in the nursery environment. But research has shown that the quality of child development (eg literacy and social skills) is much higher when staff and leaders have theoretical knowledge to backup their experience.

In research completed in 2012 for the British government (1), author Cathy Nutbrown stated that, “The evidence for the positive impact of good pedagogical leadership in the early years is overwhelming. I believe that it will be these highly qualified and passionate leaders who play the biggest part in raising standards in the sector and improving the quality of provision for children and their families.”

Research carried out in Scotland in the same year (2) revealed that children progressed further in nurseries led by staff with degrees, than in those nurseries where key staff were less qualified.

Since we opened, we have endeavoured to employ individuals who are both passionate about working with children and who have the knowledge to do so. Here, we are delighted to celebrate those who have chosen to work with us at this high level:

(1) Nutbrown Review, Foundations for Quality. Sept 2012

(2) Making the Difference, Educating Scotland. Nov 2012

Qualifications matter