Welcoming Sammy the Snail!

We would like to welcome our newest member of Little Houghton Day nursery, Sammy the Snail!

Our newest member

Sammy is a Giant African Land Snail who has now found his new home in the Butterflies room with the preschool children. All of the children have been fascinated with our new pet and have been learning all about how to care for him.

Giving Sammy the snail a little wash

Having a pet is a great learning adventure for children as it encourages them to learn new skills and to think about how to care for different animals. Some of the things the children learn about are:

– Growth and size
– How to be gentle and be kind to animals
– Different textures such as smooth and rough
– Encourages language development, to learn new words, to ask questions and be inquisitive
– Learning about different foods and the foods animals like to eat – Sammy’s favourite things are cucumber and apple!
– Inspires discussion about different places animals live
– Teaches children the need for water to drink
– How to care for them e.g. cleaning living spaces, washing, walking
– The need for washing our hands after handling or stroking pets
– Encourages children to take turns and to have responsibility

Plus lots of other things along the way!

our nurseries snail having some apple tea
Sammy having some apple tea
taking turns to stroke the nursery snail
Taking turns to stroke Sammy the snail

Welcoming Sammy the Snail!