Police Visit

Our local Community Police Officer brought her squad car to visit us this week. The children were very excited to hear about what the police do and to learn about their equipment and uniform. There was plenty of practical advice including what to do if you’ve lost your mummy in a shop.

The children were absolutely transfixed with our visitor and thought of some inciteful and probing questions. Our favourites included:

“Why don’t lady police officers wear skirts?”

“Why do they wear black shoes?”

“Why do they need radios?”

Police Car at Little Houghton Day Nursery

The children even talked with the police control centre on the radio, with the visit ending with the opportunity to explore the police car. Jacob (who’s daddy is a mechanic) was delighted to see that all was in order under the bonnet. And everyone was thrilled when the lights and sirens were set off.

Many thanks to our Community Police Officer and Northamptonshire police for a truly memorable visit.


Police Visit