The Baby Room

The babies' sleep room

I’ve been thinking back to when I was on maternity leave with my first child. My favourite way of spending my lunch break was browsing the baby section of John Lewis on Oxford Street. It seems a lifetime ago now, but I clearly remember the gradual realisation that a whole department-store world had now opened up to me. How had I managed to live 34 years without an awareness of cot bumpers and sterilising equipment? I turned my back on the clothing aisles (nothing fit anymore anyway) and fell in love with Baby Stuff.

So seven years later, I find myself compiling another – much longer – list of Baby Stuff.

The Baby Room at Little Houghton is to be a very different concept in the realm of day nurseries. We won’t be going crazy for primary-coloured plastic, but will focus instead on calm, soothing neutrals. Many of the toys will be wooden, as will much of the furniture. Wicker baskets, soft woollen blankets and organic fabrics will furnish the space, allowing the babies and toddlers room to make their own mess if they should so choose. Everything will be washable! And there will be big, squashy sofas for stories and cuddles.

Sadly the cot bumpers don’t make it onto the list for health and safety reasons, but I’m loving the new wave of fabric bunting and that will definitely be there, wafting high up in the rafters of this lovely old building! I’d love to hear what other parents would like from the perfect Baby Room.

If you’ve already joined the Parent Group, you’ve probably already been asked for your thoughts, but I make no apologies for asking you all questions as this is the ideal time to let us know what you want from your new nursery. Thanks for all your feedback so far, it’s been really helpful.

The Baby Room