Today, I have mostly been writing Spider Diagrams on nice big sheets of paper (spot the Nursery Nurse!) One has the word Staff in the middle, with pretty, spidery lines leading outwards to more words reading Appoint Deputy, Organise Training and Sort Contracts.

Another sheet of paper features the more worrying central title Building Work, with yet another ominously titled, Money.

In total, I have ten large Spiders at my feet, each of them as important as the next. I am thoroughly daunted by the work needed to create a living/breathing nursery, and as I commit to paper each necessary task, I can think of a dozen other things that we need to complete before we open in September.

I know that within a few days, Scott will have turned my beautiful, hand-crafted diagrams into flow charts and spreadsheets (spot the engineer!) But both of us are aware that planning will only get us so far and that the time for action has come. So tomorrow, I will mostly be on the telephone, taking action.

After I’ve written the To Do list.